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Our Story

Halal Capitals is built with an intention to make Islamic Business sector strong in India. We intend to make Halal Investments, Halal Mutual Funds & Halal Insurance possible as per the regulations of the government under various business and social services categories. We have vast experience in the field of Islamic Finance and have seen all kinds of ups and downs in the market. We have strongly overcome all hurdles and continue to provide constant support to our investors and help them earn more in halal way through their investments.

The Earning Principle

Most of the conventional companies pay interest based models to the investors. Halal Capitals pays you in the ratio of profits, usually 70% (To Investors): 30% (Company Share). Which means, when a conventional company gives you an interest of 2-3% per month on your investment. Through Halal Capitals, you can earn upto 1-25% margins per month. It purely depends on the sales we make. However, it has to be also noted, if there is no sales in a particular month, then you won’t earn any profits.

Understanding Halal Business

Business become successful and sometimes fail. Profits and Losses are both part of business and that is what makes it halal. If you think, earning profits is sacred and loosing money is a sin, then you really didn’t understand the concept of halal business. In halal business, earning profits and losing money, both are equally sacred and should be equally accepted. In the long run, business is always profitable inshAllah.

Our Commitment

Business has ups and downs, sometimes there are very good sales, sometimes there are average sales and sometimes no sales. In case of any such scenario, your investment is always safe with us. It can get late in getting returns, but with your patience for business, you can always earn a good margin. We are always committed to your investments, and despite any such business hurdles, we make sure that your investment is safe and secure.