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Halal Capitals mission is to establish business as per Islamic Shariah. We have expertise in developing projects which are purely based on Islamic Jurispridice. And doesn’t involve any kind of interest based transactions, haram products or any such activity which is not permissible in Islam.

We accept investments from individuals/companies which are looking to grow their income through halal earnings and secure their akhirah. However, before accepting investments, we advise individuals to understand the rules and principles of Islamic Business. (read more…)

Our Commitment: Halal Capitals is always committed to safety of your investments. What ever might be the situation, we always stick to islamic rules of business and never allow any such transaction which makes your investment haram.

Profit, Loss & Delays: Investments are subject to matter of risk. Especailly in case of Islamic Investments, an investor has to happily accept the profit, loss or any delay in payments of profits as the profits are purely shared as on earning basis but not on a fixed date or fixed amount. However, usually the profits are paid on 10th of each month.

Seriousness of Money Matters:

Halal Capitals takes your money seriously. Whatever might be the situtation, this is our belief and it won’t change. In case of investments, if there is loss, both the parties are expected to accepit it. However, if there is any issue or delay in business activites, the amount you invest is entrusted and indebted to us.  And the Prophet (PBUH) denied to read the funeral prayer of those who did not return their debt. Thus, we always ensure that your money is always safely handled what ever might be the situation.

Sahih Al-Bukhari Hadith 3.492 , Narrated by Salama bin Al Akwa: A body of a deceased believer was brought to the Prophet (saws) so that he might lead the funeral prayer for him. He (saws) asked, “Is he in debt?”  When the people replied in the negative, he led the funeral prayer. Another dead person was brought and he (saws)  asked, “Is he in debt?”  They said, “Yes.”  He (saws) refused to lead the prayer and said, “Lead the prayer of your friend.”  Abu Qatada said, “O Allah’s Messenger (saws) ! I undertake to pay his debt.”  Allah’s Messenger then led his funeral prayer.

Our Aim: Our aim is to create a secure environment for Muslims in terms of Education, Business & Employment. Join us to empower ourselves and our brothers and sisters.