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Understanding the business and it’s process properly before investing leads to smooth flow of business and outstanding results. Time to time, we learn from our experiences and setup guidelines for smooth flow of our business. Please follow these instructions strictly for smooth and secure investment management. Investing with negative mindset may impact wealth and lives of numerous investors, stake holders and employees.

1. Business Process

Business in general (irrespective of Islamic or Un-Islamic) is done by sharing of profits and losses. This is the universal form of business across the world. However, some institutions ( like banks, venture capitalists, lenders) care only about their personal profits (or interest) and are not interested in losses of the business. This burdens the businessman.

Islam stands for fair trade. When a business cannot get profits, then it is not possible for them to pay the profits/interest. Thus Islam forbids taking only profits and interests which is burden to a businessman.

In day to day business activity, as per Islamic Shariah an investor has to wait for the profits, bear the losses, understand that there are delays in payments and settlements. As the whole system depends on the flow of payment which is influenced by numerous factors.

2. Yearly Calculations

Every business in the world calculates the profit on a yearly basis. Thus, when you invest, calculate your profits on a yearly basis. For example, if you get loss in one or two months, or delays in another two months, do not panic. It’s a part and process of business. You will also earn profits for other months. When you calculate all the transactions, at the end of the year, you will get a clear picture of your profits.

3. Trust

Please trust and invest with us. And once you invest, please do always trust us. The core of Islamic Business is trust. Issues, delays, bad reviews, legal issues, breakdowns are all part and parcel of every business.

Our job is to resolve them and ensure smooth transactions. Never panic, if you come across any such thing. The company is always committed to customers, investors and stakeholders. We always work in the best interest of sustaining the business and making it profitable to all. Some issues are solved in a few hours, some in a day, week on few months. But we solve them for sure.

4. Business Transactions

Please understand, in business there is no guarantee of work and projects. Though we work with targets, business actually depends on when customers wish to buy or give us project. Most of the payments take one to two months of time for settlements. This is a standard pattern with almost all major companies across the world.