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Your Money & Our Faith

Your Money & Our Faith


This Ramadan, we are looking to make a big difference. InshaAllah we will be expanding our project across the world without looking back. This post is not for just information, it is about you taking action.

The Beginning…

You are reading this article because you somehow intended to make an investment or start a business. And what is stopping you from taking any further action is fear of failure and loss of money. And the irony is, without overcoming this fear of failure or the taking up that risk of losing some money, you are not going to see the next success result.

Overcome Fear…

What if we say, we take care of your money with total faith and guarantee. Still afraid?  Maybe you should not any more. Our company seriously ensures the safety of our investor’s hard earned money. Our projects are build on franchise based model which ensures easy re-selling and low risk in business. Our whole intention while building the project revolves around two things and i.e (i) Low Invest & Reasonable Returns (ii) 90% security of investment.

Own Your Business… (Optional)

Most of the companies, take investments and you are not sure of where exactly they are working. If you are investing a reasonable amount, our company will help you setup your own business which is totally managed by us. This way, you own your business and earn the total profits from it. while our company totally setups and manages it, not demanding your presence. However, you will be provided with live platform to check sales, cctv footage of store etc.. Minimum investment to own your business is Rs. 1,00,000/- and the setup duration would take upto 2 months from the date of payment.

Long Term Plans…

Investments yield good returns and provide ample space to grow, while invested for long term like a year or two, three. While you have an absolute opportunity to take returns whenever you wish to, the long term plans are really helpful. The minimum investments you can do here starts from Rs. 1,00,000/-

Short Term Plans…

Our company also helps you invest for short term plans like a month or two. This facility helps us utilise the money for the development of our projects or settlements and act as an alternative to loans. Since our company is purely halal based, we do not take money on interest and use short term investments and share a reasonable profit to the investors. The minimum investments you can do here starts from Rs. 1,00,000/-.

Stop Thinking, Take Action…

Your action today, can help us build a significant project (brand) which is not just going to be recognised across India, but also abroad. And, this brand is not going to be just recognised in cities, but also in rural areas. Please move ahead, with an intention to be part of the world-class brand and take action inshaAllah.

What are we talking about?

For the past two years, we have been building sustainable business models. Our major area of focus is Franchise Management (Business Setup, Management and Operations). Which includes, the fields of engineering and management. For more information about our public limited company, click here

Our brands related to e-services, restaurants are already expanding alhamdulillah and we are now coming up with large scale projects like schools, maternity hospitals etc… At this point of time, to bring our ongoing projects live and into expansion, we need your instant support with investments up to the range of Rs. 1-5 lakhs (long term/short term) or you can invest with us and own your business.

Raising Funds

At this point of point, we are raising funds to build a huge brand. While we already have the groundwork, getting our projects into reality will be taking some time as the work process is going on. (Breaking Myth: Most of us think, let the company first come out with the product and then we can invest, but the company needs investments first to build a product which can make the difference). However, as you can see we already have projects related to e-services (eseva pro) and restaurants (hyderabadi meals) already live and expanding across India.

Trust & Take Action

Alhamdulillah, Halal Capitals is the first company in Islamic Business Structure which ensures the businesses are owned by the investors and large share of profits are shared with the investors. Our aim is to remove ambiguousness in investments and ensure that the investor see’s his sales/profit’s directly. While currently this is possible for large scale investors, we are ensuring to make this available to investors with investments as low as Rs. 1 Lakh.

Documents Required:

The documents required for investments are (i) Pan Card (ii) Aadhar Card (iii) Cancelled Cheque or Bank Details.

Account Login:

Your account login will be provided within 24 hours of investing (on all working days)


The investment agreement is couriered within 7 working days to your registered address.

How to invest?

You can just make the online payment here : Click Here (and send us the receipt to “investors @ halalcapitals.com”

Or just fill the form below to receive the bank account details.