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Halal Capitals is a company formed with the intention of encouraging business in the Muslim community and empower ourselves through Business, Employment & Education. Our company does not indulge in any business which is haram as per Shariah Law or illegal as per the government authorities.

We bring you some of the aspects which ensure smooth investment and business transactions with us:

1. Halal Capitals indulges only in such businesses which are proven successful in the society.

2. Halal Capitals invests only in such business which is strictly managed by the team of Halal Capitals. We do not invest in other projects where our liability is less or nil. For example, we do not invest in share markets or trading.

3. Investments at Halal Capitals are totally secured and managed with the best intentions in true faith to Allah. However, there can be delay in the payments process depending on our billings and payments from our customers. It is the normal business process and shall not be deemed fraud.

4. It is not a healthy practice to invest all of your saving’s into one company. The ideal investment can be 50-70% of your savings. Though we ensure there is no or very less loss in investments, there can be delay in payments or refunds for upto 3 months.

5. Halal Capitals does not promise any lucrative profit margins. The earnings are shared based on the earnings from our business. Our model does not involve fixed interest or profits which is haram in Islam.

6. Please note that doing Halal Business is not an easy task, the opportunities are less compared to conventional business and our company makes every effort to ensure that the process is done smoothly as per Shariah Law.

For example, when there is a payment to be done on so and so date. And we are not able to manage it because of delay in payments to us. A conventional business can bring amount on small interests and refund to you on time to keep good relations. However our company as a Halal Management Firm, has to wait till we get Halal way of payment to us to close the deal and alsos ensure smooth flow of business. Hence there can be some delay.

7. Social media is spreading the information rapidly, thus any false information or your misunderstanding spread on social media can have a irreparable impact on our business and it may lead to loss of money for all of the stake holders. Hence you are requested to perform atmost caution during investment and bear all these points in mind before making any decision on investment. 

8. We do not have any individuals or agents to promote investment activities. All investments shall happen through this website only. 

Hence as an investor, you shall be little patient in dealing with the payments from us. As we have noticed, when ever there is any kind of delay in payment, people start blaming us to be fraud, ponzi scheme etc.. which we are obviously not and Allah know’s best.