After Every Hardship, There is Success (Quran: 94:5)


For those who believe in Allah and put’s their trust in Him. Allah says in Quran, ” Verily, After Every Hardship, There is Success (94:5)”.

Halal Capitals has always put our faith in Allah. We have faced all kinds of issues, but never left our hope and will in Allah. Alhamdulillah, despite many people trying to bring bad name to us, we always responded with smile and respect.

By the Grace of Allah, today we have successfully make a comeback in business and getting lot of support from our investors. We have been solving old issues gradually and building new relations and investments which are giving us productive results.

This was possible only with dua’s and support of few old investors, who always put trust and faith in us. Despite, delays and losses, they always believed in Allah, that the profits/losses are from Allah and no human can do anything in such circumstances. Our intention, was always pure and inshaAllah it will be pure in future.

With your dua’s we will build a great company which works on Islamic shariah for business and build halal source of income for the community.

Halal Capitals.

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