Every Successful BusinessMan Knows This!


Most of the times, we fail to overcome our fear of failure in business, because of lack of knowledge. Once, we face a loss in business, we deicide that we are never going to invest again. That is the normal human tendency and there is nothing wrong about it.

There is one different thing about business and this one thing which every successful businessman knows very well is that,”Loss is part of business”. It’s undeniable fact that every business may face loss at certain time. So much undeniable that, Islam has forbidden any transaction and made it haram which is purely profit basis and does not involve loss. In simple terms, getting a profit is good thing, and getting loss is also equally good thing. If you say I like only profit and don’t need any loss, then your investment is not halal.

Whether in conventional business or in Islamic Business, only those who accept loss and continue to do business are successful in this life and also in the here after. But continuously supporting the company despite hurdles, inshAllah we will be building the most successful projects and get long term profits.

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