Tahajjud & Business


One good thing about fully dedicating time to business is the necessity of staying awake for whole nights. Though the nights are spent in works, the early mornings provide a wonderful opportunity to pray tahajjud. Tahajjud is a prayer which vanishes all your stress, business issues and hurdles. And make you ready to face everything thrown by life at you.

Most of us feel, a perfect life is a good life. But it’s not the truth. Allah tests us sometimes and we should be happy even in such scenarios. Prophet Mohammed (Pbuh) faced lot of issues in life, people threw stones at him, they made fun and for days, the Prophet (pbuh) would be hungry. All those worries would vanish in Salah.

Let’s pledge today, to read tahajjud every day inshaAllah. And find solace to all our problems in this life. Allah is the one, who will solve all problems and take good care of us. inshaAllah

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