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The Statement “Profit & Loss” doesn’t mean “Profit & Cheating”

The Statement “Profit & Loss” doesn’t mean “Profit & Cheating”


We have been engaging with few investors and having some interesting conversations. Based on our experience, we have realised that the well known business term “Profit & Loss” is now changed to “Profit & Cheating”. Yes people no more talk about loss in the business. Any loss in business is directly proportional to cheating on the behalf of company.

Let us first understand profit, loss and delay in simple terms. For example a restaurant cooks Biryani of 25 Kgs and sells each for Rs. 1000/-. And on a particular day it could only sell 15 kgs. Then the restaurant has made an earning of Rs. 15,000/- and if they couldn’t store it properly, then they have to throw away the rest 10 kgs. And hence they made a loss of Rs. 10,000/-. If the making cost (investment) of 25 kgs biryani Rs. 12,500/-. Then the restaurant made a profit of Rs. 15,000/- (earnings)- Rs. 12500/- (investment) = Rs. 2,500/-. Now on this same particular day, say the restaurant delivered 5 Kgs (which costs Rs. 5000/-) to some customer and the payment from the customer is pending, then we would not say this Rs. 5,000/- as loss. It is called as receivable amount and for that particular day, the restaurant has made an earning of Rs. 20,000/- though Rs. 5,000/- are not in hand. This Rs. 5,000/- is considered as delay in payment.

Please note, the cases being discussed here are related to few investors or enquirers. And alhamdulillah there are many people who trust Allah and be patient following with real rules of business. We sincerely acknowledge them and thank Allah for their support to us.

For example, when person “A” asks “B”. How is the profit shared in your business. Then person “B” says, it’s based on profit and loss. Then person “A” says to “B”. Why there will be loss in business, are you cheating people ?

In our experience, we have seen that even any delay in the payment process accounts to “Ponzi Scheme”. Why are you delaying the payment ? Are you trying to fool me, or are you running a Ponzi Scheme ?

And the best part is threatening on delay of payments. Are you not going to pay on time ? You are a fraud, you are a cheater. OK, then I will complain about you in police station. Or write about your fraud on social media.

While the above statements are from existing investors, we do have some freshers who directly try to make us wrong from the first conversation. One of the enquiry asked us to send an email, we sent it. But they didn’t get it in their inbox. They were asked to contact our support number. Our support executive asked to give an alternate email as mails were not delivering to previous email id, and the enquirer said “You lied to me that you sent email yesterday and now you are telling a new story to me”. Whereas in reality, the email was sent to the enquirer and it was the server fault it didn’t get delivered. And just asking an alternate email id, has become a lie and story. Where on earth, this is called as Islam.

Unfortunately, these are some of the comments we get to hear every day. The main purpose of writing this article, is to educate the investors, before they do investment in any of the company. And really understand what is halal and how investments and business work.

Halal Capitals is very choosy about investors. We deal real business and investments are an opportunity for us to expand. InshaAllah we don’t want to make it a curse on us by taking huge number of investors who do not understand halal investments.

We have given some points to understand so that you can make a wise decision based on real time transactions through us.

First thing is that if you doubt any business. Please do not invest. The rule is simple. And if you trust some business and have invested, then be patient with them if any unwanted things happen. InshaAllah Allah will put blessing in the business.

Second thing, to understand is that investments are put to work. We don’t take investors money and keep it in bank accounts to refund it immediately. The amount is invested into various projects and we earn profits from there. Once the money is sent in the market, it’s not that easy to get it back. For example, an investor “A” has invested Rs. 1,00,000/- (One Lakh) only as the investment. How do we earn profit on that ? For example, we rent a shop, setup the equipment, hire an employee, promote the business and earn profit from there.

Now that you want to close your investment, how does this money come back ? Now that you have sent Rs. 1 Lakhs in the market for setup of business. Any person very well knows, it is not that easy to get total Rs. 1 Lakh back as the general principle of rule. So what does Halal Capitals do ? We try to sell the store to other party, or arrange further investments and buy the store by self. Now this sometimes takes time and it may get delayed to find the new party or arrange the funds. Some people commit for so and so time and further extend time. And it is all normal in the market.

But unfortunately, when we are following this normal process of refund, people start blaming us to cheat them without refunding amount. Please understand halal investment itself means to bear the loss, bear the delay and earn from the profits. If you think, you just don’t care about all this and want your money back. Better you please do not invest.

Please understand, the only reason we delay payments, is because we are getting it delayed from the opposite party. They commit, they drop, they come back, they take time and we as a company has to make sure, that your money is safe along with all other investors. You may feel that my money should come to me what ever may happen, but sometimes releasing that payment on time to you may effect others money severely. Hence as a Muslim, we should think about the benefit of everyone rather than being selfish. And inshaAllah Allah will bless us for this. Any decision taken by us is for the welfare of investments of everyone inshaAllah.

to be continued…

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