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Halal Capitals invests into various projects undertaken by the Management. The standard profit sharing ratio is 70% Investor : 30 Company. However, it may differ from project to project and the details are clearly mentioned in your dashboard. The sharing ratio may also differ from person to person based on the time of investment and the project in hand. All the details related to investments, assets and profits are displayed in the Investors Dashboard.

The profit’s generated are updated as is in the Investor’s account. The investors can request transfer of funds into their account at any point of time. It requires 5 working days to transfer the amount to the investors bank account after settling of the accounts.


1. Register your details here : Register Now

2. Once registered add funds to your account through net banking or bank transfer.

3. Once payment and documents are received, your login will be provided within 24 hours (In Working Days)

4. Your agreement will be couriered within 7 working days

5. Your Halal Investments work after the login is activated i.e within 2 days from the date of investment.

6. Based on project, your returns may be updated on day to day basis, weekly basis or monthly basis.

7. You can withdraw earnings to your registered account by “transfer funds” option in your dashboard. It may take upto 1-5 days for the amount (earnings) to reflect in your account after settling of accounts.

8. You can withdraw total investment by giving one month notice period. Your amount will be refunded to your registered bank account within 3o-45 days from the date of notice. The closure of investment date will be effective from the date of notice given by you.