How Profit Tracker Works?

In order to view the Profit Tracker page, you should be a registered investor. If you have not yet registered, please register here. Our team will get back to you and help with the investments.

Step 1: Once you invest with us, you will be given Investor ID (which is also your login username). The investor id is registered based on your email id.

Step 2: Once your investor id is generated, you can reset your password by using the below link. You can use your investor id or email id to reset your password here:

Step 3: Once you create your new password. You can use your investor id (username) or email and password to login to the profit tracker page here :

Step 4: Once you login to the tracker page. You find 3 sections.

(i) Investor Details: Displays your name, investor id and the total amount invested by you.

(ii) Investment History: Displays your investment amount and date of investment. It also shows if the investment amount is short term or long term.

(iii) Profits Statement: Displays the amount of profits generated and deposited to your bank. It also shows the balance of the profits generated and available in your account.

For more queries, please write to or whatsapp chat through button available on bottom right of this page.

Last Edited: 24th September 2020, 2.48 AM