Building The Halal Legacy


When we ask you to invest with us. We are not just asking you to invest and earn some money through us. We are actually asking you to imagine building a world class company which provides thousands of business opportunities, thousands of jobs, undertake social welfare programs and empower the society.

We are not at all a company which is looking to just make some money. We are about “Building The Halal Legacy”, a genuine form of business which saves the society from interest burden and the things which are not permissible in Islam. We are looking forward to become the first company to implement genuine halal profits sharing process, introduce takaful – halal form of medical insurance and islamic mutual funds in India, in accordance with the rules available with the government of India.

Business become successful and sometimes fail. Profits and Losses are both part of business and that is what makes it halal. If you think, earning profits is sacred and loosing money is a sin, then you really didn’t understand the concept of halal business. In halal business, earning profits and losing money, both are equally sacred and should be accepted.

Only those who overcome this fear of loosing money and earn the profits make halal income in business and inshAllah will grow consistently. Halal Capitals has seen many ups and downs, but we are here stable and sound. We have overcome all fears, all wrong mindsets and continue to serve the community in a genuine and correct way of Islamic Business.

There could be mistakes, no company on earth went directly successful. Every big business was once at the verge of bankruptcy, but the management believed in their ideas, worked hard, kept patience and kept enrolling people into their idea’s which made them successful today.

Today, Halal Capitals is back on track and Alhamdulillah we have been keeping our investors enrolled in our ideas’, we have been supporting them throughout and we will continue to do so. And make sure their hard earned money is kept safe and returned accordingly.

We invite you today, to join our team. Help us build a halal legacy which is helpful to all right now and in the future generations. Only when we aim, we achieve. Today is the day, take a small step, start a small investment and join our team of dedicated investors and help us expand our business.

Our business models have been tested and trailed. There is huge demand coming right now and the time is peak. Your investments will not only fetch good profits, but also resolve your old investments and help them earn more revenue.

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