New Developments In Investment Process


w.e.f 1st September 2020, we have come up with following developments in the investment process and making sure to organise everything as soon as possible.

1. Avoid Waiting For Profits: long waits for the profit deposits are over. For the new investments being made now, we are providing profits on weekly basis. The profits are calculated till Friday of each month and are deposited on every Saturday.

Note: This has not only reduced our monthly burden and calculations but also building instant trust among the investors and investor satisfaction.

2. Fixing the old investments: While, we are consistently depositing weekly profits to the new investments, we are also gradually bringing old investments into this process. Every week we are adding few old accounts and making sure that they also earn weekly profits. In this process to align the old investors, we are recommending them to add few small scale investments to ensure proper support to new projects and align their old investments accordingly.

3. Imagine a smooth weekly earning: Imagine you are earning every week on your investment. It could really help you with day to day needs, emergency needs and also to support the needy. Nothing could be more relaxing than earning weekly basis. Our new transformations are helping to make the weekly deposit process easy and your help in this matter could help us achieve the target very quick and ensure smooth flow and growth of business.

4. Great Earnings & Savings: Everyone of us are working hard to make a living and support our family. Which in itself is a noble cause. When the earnings can be achieved with little efforts, that would be great earnings. At Halal Capitals, you can invest and earn without hassle. Ofcourse, there is nothing like easy money. The hard work required to grow your wealth in halal way is put by our company. All you need to do is to just invest and have great weekly earnings on your investment. You can also save your earnings for the future of your family and kids.

5. It can be done together: Defining a beautiful career for our family is not possible single handedly. If we work together, we can easily achieve it. You invest and we work hard to make your investments grow. Of course, you need to always exhibit the togetherness and brotherhood for long term success.

6. How does this sound?: You have read our process and how that sound to you ? It should be worth giving a try. Nothing comes with a little bit of risk. This is the right time, to take that small risk. Drop your presumptions, take a bold step and get back to work. Start with small investments and we will surely build something, which is long term sustainable and profitable.

7. The Results: Once you opt for our weekly profits process, the results will speak for itself. You will definitely see timely deposits and total satisfaction on your investments.

8. Always here to help: We are dedicated to your investments and put lot of hard work in helping them grow. We are always here to help and should you have any queries, you can surely contact our investment manager through WhatsApp chat:

For more information or queries, please do get in touch here:

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