People who struggle, win the race!


There is a wide notion among most of us, that everything should be perfect, right from the beginning. But unfortunately life is not so perfect. Even the so called perfect people in life, have seen numerous failures. Whether it is business, sports or life. People who fell and stood again won the race. Every big company out there including BMW and Apple were at brink of bankruptcy, and they all bounced back. Because, they were determined and focussed on building what they believed in.

Halal Capitals in one such company which is totally focussed on building a Sharia Based Economy in India as per government regulations. Our strong research and experience in the field of Investments, Mutual Investments & Insurance (through self-help groups) has made us the first company to provide halal alternatives in India as per local opportunities available.

Bottom line is, there is no other company with such experience and focus on building alternatives. Your support by joining with us today, will really build an amazing organisation in India. We have definitely fallen a few times, but we have always hit back stronger than ever. And with the continuous support of some old investors and friends, we have been always able to setup the things and reach newer heights.

Right now, we are in a position, where we have thorough experience in building the successful business models. And with your help and support, we can kick start a real good business which provides long term profits to you as an investor and transform muslim society for good by providing wonderful business and employment opportunities.

One final word we believe in, “If Allah has given us potential to help few people, we need to really stop thinking personally and go out help those people. Ultimately, Allah loves those who helps others than being selfish.

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