How just one person helped us get back on track!


It’s always the power of “One”.

If one person wishes to, he/she can really change the world. It all depends, on how you wish to take action.

Our company started with a vision, to establish more Islamic Businesses, help society get more jobs and business opportunities with ease. Help the needy and be available to those who needs help with leading a successful life.

The rule of life is nothing goes smoothly, there are always hurdles, issues and blockages. We overcome them, troubleshoot and solve them. Finally, we win only when our intention is clear and we work with dedication despite the hurdles.

During covid-19 every business was locked down. We had survived the tough stage of life with new issues arising. Post covid-19 we wanted to align everything in order. But, we were hugely stuck. But our intention to fulfil our vision was clear and we were determined.

We went back to our investors and proposed our new project of establishing mini-super markets which has huge demand in the market. Only one investor came forward, not because he was interested in the project. But, just because he trusted our hard work and consistency in building our vision. He did a small investment. But with his help, we gained back total control on the project and in just 2 months, we got more investors supporting us and we are already working with a team of 20 people on this project.

In business, the profits and losses are common. What matters is your dedication to build something amazing and always striving to fulfil the cause. That one thing brings long term profits for the future. And I strongly believe that your team will definitely build something amazing for the community.

We now bring you the franchise for the most successful business model across India. i.e mini-super markets for convenience stores. Whether it’s covid-19, curfew, rains or floods. The only business which runs without any hassle is convenience stores. The demand for this business under any circumstances is same. There is no question of on-season or off-season for this business. And more over, we have scope to establish 10000’s of these branches. We are dedicating our lives to this project and shortly will make sure that our stores come up in each and every locality across India.

And this is the time now, where you can also help us fulfil with out vision to safe guard the investments, build good profit and transform the lives of muslim community in general. A small help from you can really bring change and help us to get back on track. It can be a bit risky for you. But “After every risk (hardship), there is relief (Quran 94:6)”.

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