Patience Pays & Desperation Kills


If you are investing, you should always remember this short incident. It might have happened with many of us.

Once a person “A” parked the car in front of the home of another person “B”. The person B saw this car and got angry. He didn’t want anyone to park the vehicle in front of his home. Person B had to go urgently and the car of person A was blocking the way. Person B couldn’t take his car out.

Now person B was determined to teach person A lesson. In the state of frustration, he removed air in the types of car of person A. After few minutes, person A came. He was surprised to see that air in all tyres was removed. The moment person B saw person A, he started shouting on him about how he was late to work, because of him.

Person A replied, I just went out to a shop to purchase few groceries and I was back in 10 minutes. Now that you have removed air in my car tyres, how do I move this car. Person B replied, “I don’t know”, its your problem. Person A said, sure it is mine. He went to check if there was any air filling station and didn’t find any.

After searching for about an hour, he finally got hold of a mechanic. He came to car, opened all four tyres, took them to his service centre, filled air in that and brought back to fit them. The while process took about 2 hours of time.

In desire to teach a lesson to the person A, person B lot his personal valuable time of about 2 hours. Life is not about teaching lessons to others. It’s about being patience in tough situations. Had person B, been patient for few more minutes, then person A would have come back in 5 minutes and remove his car.

Moral of the story, in fact actual such incidents in our life is. Investments in a company are to be dealt with patience. In hurry, most of the time, we damage the company reputation by reviews and propaganda. End, of the day, we are directly creating hurdles on our own investments. By handling the situation with patience, we not only save our time and money, but also save others.

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