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Halal Capitals in the first investment management company in India which is offering 100% interest free Islamic Insurance (Takaful). Halal Capitals act’s as the Takaful Manager and works sincerely for the benefit of Ummah through principles allowed in Shariah. The future is full of opportunities for Islamic Banking & Insurance in India. And inshaAllah Halal Capitals shall provide practical solutions to our Ummah as per the permissible regulations of Government of India.

What is Takaful ?

Takaful is an Islamic Insurance Policy, wherein the participants contribute to a mutual fund. A seperate account is maintained for Takaful funds which is used only for the purpose of claims by the participants. The participants agree to use the funds to support each other in times of emergency.

How It Works ?

  1. Candidates interested in Islamic Insurance (Takaful) should pay a yearly donation to the Takaful Fund.
  2. The candidates agree that Halal Capitals manages the Takaful Fund and uses it at the best discretion in times of necessity to the participants.
  3. The limit of claims is decided by Halal Capitals based on the necessity and donation of the individual.


We are introducing more products shortly to our portfolio inshaAllah. Currently Halal Capitals Takaful Plan covers :


a) Medical Operations (Up to Rs. 1,00,000/-)

Yearly Donation : Rs. 2000/-

Note : Plan does not include prolong illness. It only covers emergency operations and maternity operations.