Oath Of Commitment

We Halal Capitals, take oath in the name of Allah. That we manage your investments in the best interest of the investor. Investments has profits/losses, up and downs, and other factors which are temporarily increase/decrease your investment value. Despite, all the hurdles. We ensure, that in the long run, your investments are always safe and secure with us.

We value your hard earned money and under no-circumstances mis-use or mis-calculate it. However, if under any circumstances any such issues arise, we assure you, though there might be delay, but we will ensure smooth settlements of your investments. We are totally genuine and pledge faith to Allah in this matter. We shall not require, any kinds of threats, warnings, or legal actions to exhibit our oath and pledge in the name of Allah. And thus shall act, in the full interest of the investor and provide refunds as early as possible.

At Halal Capitals, we fear Allah and we are fully aware that any mis-doings with the investments will make us indebted to the investor. Further, Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) denied reading Janazah Salah for the persons who are in debt. And also, all sins of a martyr are forgiven, except debt. Such is the severity of being indebted to the investor. Thus, we always ensure safe keeping and good utilisation of funds.

However, the investor shall understand, business involves profits/losses/delays. Thus losses and delays are not to be mistaken with the irresponsible management of funds. Losses and delays are part of business and you shall accept them, which is what makes your investment halal and pure and different from interests. Further, we shall recommend investors only to save the money from savings. Because, though there is good scope of profits, there is also scope for delays.

Lastly, your investments helps us build businesses which provide source of income to many, employment and well being of their families. Thus, we are thankful for your repeated trust in us and support. We shall take full responsibility of your investments and keep them safe and help them grow inshaAllah.