We build long term projects. Our major focus is on building franchises which are the most secure business model, easy to setup, manage and expand business. This helps investors to earn more on investments and provide long term security to investments.

We develop the franchise concepts, provide total maintenance support and supply the required equipments, products and manpower to our franchises. Thus providing number of sources of income to the company which directly helps investors to earn more.

Some of business areas we have expertise are:

1. e-Services:

Large number of private and public organisations have gone online for their process. However, 90% of the people in our country are not fully aware to utilise the e-services. Our service centers help people to get their online works done and also generate a good income source for our franchises.

2. Food Industry:

There is never ending demand in food industry, thus we are working on building small budget restaurants and provide healthy food to our customers. This is huge business opportunity and profit margins in the food industry.

3. Pharmacy:

Pharmacies are good source of income through medicals and general products. These business units can be kept open 24×7 and provide larger business opportunities.

4. Convenience stores:

Covid has shown a wonderful, sustaining and profitable business across the world. It is related to convenience stores. These were operating under any circumstances. Throughout lock-down we did a thorough study on this project and troubleshoot the issues and provided solutions in this business. Many store are coming forward to get connected with us and we are looking forward for a huge business potential in this sector.