Referral System


w.e.f today 18th Oct 2020, we are introducing following referral system.

1. For each investor referred, you earn 2.5% one time referral bonus.

2. If the person referred by you, refers other persons. Then you also earn .5% on the referrals. However, please note that this is applicable only for first level references.

For example, you are person A. And you referred person B to invest. When person B invests, you earn referral of 2.5%. Further, person B refers person C. So, when person C invests, you earn .5% and person B earns 2.5% referral. Further, person C refers to person D. Then person C will get 2.5% and person B will get .5% and person A will not get any referral bonus.

If you have any queries on this system, please do get in touch with us on