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What to do when your money got struck in business?


Business is always risky and sometimes the money gets struck. In this article, we shall see the actions we need to take to ensure a smooth refund of your investments.

The reality: Firstly, you need to remember. The company you trusted and invested is the same company that is now experiencing delays. What does it mean? It means, you trusted the company and invested. The company is always there to maintain that trust and ensure the safety of your investments.

What changes: What changes is your perception of things. The moment things get delayed, your mind start thinks differently. Like the company is a fraud, there are misusing funds, they are hiding the things and what not…

And there is nothing about this thought. Every human being will get this thought in the first place. But what is normal in business is profit/losses and delays. Some people don’t understand that and start throwing out their frustration in the form of doubts, threatening, abuses, calling the Ponzi scheme, bad reviews and what not…

The result: As per Islamic Business, you are expected to keep patience on your investments. Whether it is delay or loss. When given an ample settling period, the amount automatically comes back.

But unfortunately, the threatening, abuses and bad reviews just make the work complicated. Our commitments on returns are absolutely based on payments receivable from customers. And that is where we earn profits.

Giving bad reviews (though they might be genuine) or spreading negatively will only stop the sources of business from customers. We are not a company to put fake positive reviews as it makes our work process haram. And thus, bad reviews make the business process much delayed and slow.

For example, someone parked the car in front of your gate. You wait for a person to come back and remove the car. He comes back in 5 minutes and the car is removed. Now in frustration that he parked in front fo your gate, you remove air (just like giving a bad review) from the car or puncture it. The car which could be removed in 5 minutes, will take at least 30 minutes to 1 hour to repair it and move. Apart from the extra burden on the owner of the car in hunting for the mechanic and all those stuff.

Thus, keeping patience will solve problems much earlier. And more importantly, you cannot review an investment company as per Islamic norms. Because reviewing a loss or delay, means you are not accepting the loss or delay, which makes your investment itself haram in the first place. Thus by acting improperly, we are not just delaying the process but also making our money haram for no reason.

What do you need to do?

The moment, payments get delayed. Some people will loose nuts, they further don’t care if the money is getting haram on them, or other investors getting trouble because of them or the company is getting in trouble because of them. They blatantly say, they don’t care about any one. If you really, dont care about anyone. Then in the first place, we request investors to not invest with us. Because our company is family, we have a responsibility of all investors. Most of them very patience, put their hard earned money with us and are here with good intentions.

If you really don’t care about others, then that is not the root of Islam. Please don’t join us. And if you do care about others, then please wrote write reviews or spread negativity about us.

All you need to do is keep patience and pray. The moment you start bad mouthing, please understand the money becomes haram on you, and Allah will further create problems in getting them back. Because you are thinking on your side that it is my hard-earned money. But as per Islamic law, you have now invested this money and not satisfied with the profits/losses by bad-mouthing, which makes your hard-earned money haram on you.

So the rules are complicated, we request you to learn, understand and keep patience on investments. This will only solve the problem arisen quickly.

Helping hand?

There is saying “It’s easy to throw someone down, but difficult to pull someone up”. Companies or people facing difficulty needs your helping hand. Your actions should be in such a way, that they bring positivity and solve the problem. But not those actions, which further bring trouble and restrict ways of growth.

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