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Halal Investments

Halal Investments are the investments done as per Islamic Shariah. Here are some of the key factors which you should remmeber before investing and understanding halal investments and business. Please invest once you understand all the points properly.

Who should invest ?

1. Patience : One of the key factors for Halal Investments is loads and loads of patience (Sabr). You should have patience for profits/losses/delays in business. The major factor for your investment to be Halal is to keep patience on your investment returns. That is what makes the whole process Halal.

2. Non-Intimidative: Business involves lot of risk and by default the investor is always threatened. However, only investors who are non-intimidative only succeed. For example, people may write bad reviews, spread hatred or even raise genuine faults of the company. These things, should not intimidate (or provoke) you to make quick conclusions or decisions.

Who should not invest ?

1. Assumptions: Business requires lot of hard work and strategies to make it successful. Investments are not easy. Unfortunately few people assume that the company is taking investments and enjoying the money. It’s not the case, the invsetments are taken to grow the business and it takes time to earn the profits.

Few people assume, that we earn profit every day. For example., if we refund the amount delay by 10 days, they assume that we ate away profit of 10 days. Profit is not calculated day wise, its either based on project or transaction. Where as interest is calculated day to day basis.

If you have the habit of making assumptions, please avoid investing.